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About Samuel McMullen

Samuel is a Junior with a double major in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Philosophy. After graduation, Samuel is interested in pursuing a career in journalism. Samuel is passionate about environmental issues and photojournalism. In the past he has conducted environmental research in China and co-founded the University's first environmental fraternity. Samuel will be travelling throughout India for four months to document the effects of waste generated by the production of American goods across India. Samuel will document this through video interview, photography, and written work in hopes of shedding light on the impacts on people abroad of our choices at home. Samuel feels that bringing issues, especially ones as impersonal as climate change, onto the human plane is vital to motivating continued efforts to address this problem.

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  1. Hi, Sam! I really enjoyed the video blog post and I am glad you were able to figure this out! The food looked amazing and I’m glad your sister was able to join you! I can’t wait to hear (or watch) more!

  2. This is fantastic. I am both very excited about watching more of your videos, and very sad that I did not take more videos while abroad. I do believe I’m going to try to find some Indian food for lunch, as well.

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