Long Awaited Photos!

I have about a million more – but here are a few pictures to paint some sort of visual of my Himalayan adventure… 13690745_10207015470960900_7142386873166037098_n Abi-lay (grandmother) and I became best friends over the summer. I told her I wanted to send her photos of us together, but she told me that she doesn’t like looking at herself in pictures. Last summer, she threw all her photos over the bridge into the river! 13692451_10207015477801071_2801492330211455608_n This photo was taken in Karsha village where I spent a week attending a holy festival. Here you can see the traditional dress for Ladakhi women. 13726860_10207015472960950_7714509087963892068_n Atop a mountain, next to the ruins of the old Zangla palace. 13731503_10207015478561090_4652271022271718357_n Making the hike to the monk monastery in Karsha. I followed these nuns around like a lost puppy… 13731739_10207015473600966_4079864657872576678_n Yangdol (3) washing her hands. 13731749_10207015475161005_5007674350776087310_n A view of Zangla valley…and a yak! 13754619_10207015469360860_349428790626044510_n My nine little monkeys. 13781922_10207015469520864_4176587594414864000_n Khado (5) always knew how to make me laugh. She was the naughtiest of all the children, but definitely the most spirited. 13782062_10207015473320959_6118254704849375487_n Ancient stupas beneath the old Zangla place. Stupas are Buddhist shrines. 13813659_10207015479361110_6212680666195689266_n Old Zangla palace featured at the top. I climbed up here several times to meditate! DSCN0587 Lhadon (12) was the artist of the class. The teacher nun wants her to attend art school! DSCN0517 Goofing around with my kiddies. DSCN0542 Abi-lay (84) polishing the puja bowls, and Khado getting ready to do homework. DSCN0969 Five minutes after entering into a new home, and I’m offered to try on a hat:) DSCN0573 Working hard – these kids love to draw! DSCN0972 It’s almost impossible to not be smiling in Zanskar:) DSCN0840 On top of the world, prayer flags in hand. DSCN0665 Giggles *-* DSCN1012 Making momos (dumplings) for dinner. MUCH harder than it looks, but the reward is sweet. DSCN1201 Adventures in Zangla village – with beautiful yellow flowers to match. DSCN1360 My stupa perch. DSCN1461 More smiles with my best friend. DSCN0725 Festival in Karsha. Waiting for the holy lama to arrive! DSCN1700 Possibly the sweetest cow in the entire world. DSCN1974 Stanzin (26) headed out to feed the cow. DSCN1740 Healing springs. DSCN1456 The day that everyone was covered in white speckles because we were white-washing all the cottages! DSCN2039 Datsal (5) – the sweetest ray of sunshine you’ll ever meet. DSCN1865 We had more than a few geography lessons during my two months. The girls now know all of the continents and can identify quite a few countries. DSCN2067 Late-afternoon homework time at the Changchub Choling nunnery.

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Hanna is a sophomore with a major in International and Comparative Studies and a minor in Community Action and Social Change. After graduation, she is interested in pursuing a career in international humanitarian aid with a focus on educational development and youth engagement. Hanna will be spending 12 weeks in India volunteering with the Jaymang Foundation, an organization that dedicates itself to equal educational opportunities and literacy for indigenous girls and women in the Indian Himalayas. Hanna’s research project will focus on using in-depth community-based inquiry to explore native perspectives of the most pressing issues concerning education that exist in the region, and furthermore, how international humanitarian aid has helped or harmed the path to improvement of the educational sector. By focusing specifically on local perceptions of educational issues, Hanna hopes to re-emphasize the importance of empowerment from directly within communities that receive aid, and thereby push traditional notions of humanitarianism in a progressive direction.

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