Sparsha Week Ondu

I'm still waiting for that "why did I do this?" feeling. Every one i talked to warned me that I would experience an overwhelming culture shock. I don't think it was at all luck. I am surrounded by the most amazing children and supportive fellow volunteers. It's not luck--it's them. I'm volunteering with Sparsha in a girls shelter. The girls all speak English, which is again not a miracle, or luck. It is the work of Rupa Madam. She comes everyday for hours on end and teaches the girls to read write and speak English. One girl said that when she wakes up in the morning the first thing she sees is the face of Rupa Madam. She works tirelessly and takes such good care of the girls. They don't get sweets or stars for progress, they get hugs and kisses. Some of these children don't have parents but there is such an incredible feeling of family. I can't bring myself to feel sad or indulge in missing home because I can't get through five minutes without smiling. IMG_7418 IMG_7430

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Madeline is a sophomore who was recently accepted into the Elementary Education program and will be pursing a major in Language Arts. After graduation, Madeline is interested in teaching in the classroom for several years and eventually pursuing a career in education policy.

2 thoughts on “Sparsha Week Ondu

  1. My reaction to this post was to smile. I am glad this has been such a positive experience thus far. People experience culture shock in a myriad of ways and degrees. You may never have a, “Why did I do this?” moment – or perhaps you will. It sounds like you have really formed deep bonds with the children and people around you and this undoubtedly helps your adjustment and enhances the experience! As always, I cannot wait to hear more!

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