After arriving in Delhi airport at 12am I finally made it out of the airport some 11 hours later.  I confidently walked the course I had plotted in my head to the taxi stand and ordered the no A/C cab because in that moment I needed to feel like a tough guy.  After 10 minutes I was soaked, and after 20 I was surrounded by yelling men and my cab driver was being forcibly evicted from our little island of safety (the cab).  We had gotten into a small crash and the guys from the other car were upset and we just happened to pull over under a bridge where another 20 guys were hanging out.  If I hadn’t been trying so hard not to poop my pants I would have found the unfolding politics interesting.  After my cabbie was pulled out of the car a passing moped driver stopped and appointed himself arbiter.  He separated the parties and after much shouting worked out an accord which saw us driving down the road to an auto body shop where the cabbie would pay for repairs to the other gentleman’s car.  That’s where my first couch surfing host picked me up.


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Samuel is a Junior with a double major in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Philosophy. After graduation, Samuel is interested in pursuing a career in journalism. Samuel is passionate about environmental issues and photojournalism. In the past he has conducted environmental research in China and co-founded the University's first environmental fraternity. Samuel will be travelling throughout India for four months to document the effects of waste generated by the production of American goods across India. Samuel will document this through video interview, photography, and written work in hopes of shedding light on the impacts on people abroad of our choices at home. Samuel feels that bringing issues, especially ones as impersonal as climate change, onto the human plane is vital to motivating continued efforts to address this problem.

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  1. Sounds intense! Amazing that some random person decided to mediate. A little different than how things might play out here, huh? Looking forward to hearing about your couchsurfing experience! I’ve only done meet-ups different places, not stayed with someone. What was happening in the airport for 11 hours??

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